On the pristine beaches of Alankuda – kalpitiya

On the pristine beaches of Alankuda - kalpitiya


Sri Lanka Tourism opens Tourist Information Kiosks

With the vast growth in tourism, the need for technological advancement in the tourism industry has also increased immensely and to fulfil this present need, the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Development together with Intelo Networks, launched a joint project to establish a network of Digital Tourist Information Kiosks (TIKs) to provide information required by tourists. The TIKs provides information via an interactive touch screen in an accurate, trustworthy and timely manner. This unit will initially accommodate 10 languages: Sinhalese, Tamil, English, German, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Italian. Tourists will be able to gain more information about Sri Lanka by viewing the available video content.

Whats going on with protecting the dugong ??

Sri Lanka has pledged its support for the long-term survival of the dugong and the protection of the sea mammal’s habitat. The agreement, which comes under the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Convention of Migratory Species (CMS), was signed in Abu Dhabi recently. The dugong (Dugong dugon), also known as the ‘sea cow,’ is a large marine mammal that feeds almost exclusively on sea grass. It has a significant ecological role in coastal ecosystems. Dugongs are considered “vulnerable to extinction”. The mammal can live up to 70 years, but is slow to mature and breed. The female will bear just one calf after a 14-month pregnancy.

With Eco Team, now both local and international travellers and wildlife lovers can discover undiscovered ocean life through diving and snorkelling. Eco Team is capable of arranging special study tours on client requests in the most beautiful beaches of the world, including Arugam Bay, Unawatuna, Rekawa Madaketiya beach, Tangalle and Pasikudah.

Cycling through the serenity of Sri Lanka with Eco Team

Eco Team successfully conducted two cycling tours on 3 and 5 March with a fellow tour partner’s welfares for two British travel cycling groups. The two groups contained 12 and 15 participants and they visited Kurunegala, Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa to experience the heritage, nature and serenity of Sri Lanka through cycling. According to the participants, cycling can be identified as one of the best activities through which the hidden value and beauty of Sri Lanka can be observed. Both groups had an unforgettable cycling experience. Trekking, camping, nature and heritage site visits at Anuradhapura and upcountry were also part of the cycling tour.

Eco Team invites you to observe Shilpa Gama – another new tourist attraction

Thousands of local and foreign tourists are visiting Shilpa Gama (craft village) at Battaramulla Janakala Kendraya premises these days. The National Craft Council is the operator of the Shilpa Gama. The Shilpa Gama was designed and established according to the concept of National Craft Council Chairman Buddhi Keerthisena and is similar to the Delhi Heart marketing village with 45 outlets.

The Shilpa Gama is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Batiks, cane, bronze and silver, items made of seashells, reeds and coconut shells, art, fabric paintings, ceramic, woodcraft and Ayurvedic medicines are available on sale at this village, which showcases the skills of traditional craftsmen countrywide. On request Eco Team can arrange tours to visit this new tourist attraction to equip international travellers with knowledge on Sri Lankan handcrafts.

Ancient kingdom Panduwasnuwara attracts more tourists

Tourists visiting the ancient kingdom of Panduwasnuwara are sure to appreciate its archaeological sites. According to historical records, King Panduwasdew who took the throne in 504 BC reigned here and visitors can see the ruins of his castle, which consisted of large antechambers, store rooms and a moat. A temple built recently upon 32 stone pillars adorns the area and provides archaeological information about the kingdom.

Under ‘Na’ trees, visitors can witness the ruins of the single pillar castle (Ektamge) that formed a luxurious asylum for the king’s youngest daughter, Princess Unmada Chitra, built by him to rescue her from her elder brothers who plotted to take her life over an astrological prediction. With expertise in handling cultural and heritage tours in Sri Lanka, Eco Team can arrange any scale of tour to this prestigious ancient kingdom of Panduwasnuwara and other historical sites in Sri Lanka.